Trekking In Nepal: An Overview

The Himalayas. Just those two words evoke thoughts of adventure, alpine exploration, and discovery. Luckily, modern air travel and excellent trekking companies make it easier than ever to get in and out of the highest mountain range in the world. Nepal has arguably the most dramatic and beautiful scenery of anywhere in the world – even topping New Zealand, which was my previous favorite.

There are a lot of great places to trek in the Himalayas, but my two personal favorites are the Annapurna and Gokyo regions. Both are absolutely pristine, and are perfect for moderate to more advanced trekkers. Annapurna is famous for its winding “Annapurna Circuit”, which traverses a number of mountains and valleys and is very popular among trekkers – while Gokyo is famous for its crystal-clear lakes, Tibetan culture, and views of Mount Everest. It’s a challenging trek, though, so come prepared and make sure to train ahead of time!

For a trekking partner, you can’t go wrong by going with Welcome Nepal Treks. This local trekking outfit is extremely experienced in the mountains, and will provide good service all the way up and down the mountain. Of course, shop around before you choose a trekking outfit, but Welcome Nepal is as professional and friendly as any I’ve found. Definitely recommended for the excellent service and professional guides.

Trekking in Nepal is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had while traveling. The clean air, beautiful views, and friendly people are all worth the strenuous effort you’ll have to put in to get there. Not only is it a beautiful place to hike, but it’s also a fantastic place to meet travelers from all over the world – some of my favorite moments on the trail were simply spent swapping stories with my guide and friends I met along the way.